Boston, the town on a hill

Boston, the town on a hill

Ok, I decided !!!

I begin to tell you about the most beautiful journey of my life starting from the city that personally impressed me the most. Simply fantastic !!!
On the high windows of the skyscrapers are reflected the red bricks of the buildings with the typical fire escape ladder hanging outside: that is Boston, the town on a hill, with its low houses, narrow alleys and beer gardens on street corners.
20180725143605_IMG_0018Here, everything reminds of England.

Tourists who visit it for the first time ,will find Boston very easy to see. It is the Walking City par excellence of the nation, thanks to a compact layout and an extremely easy to use metropolitan transport system. Furthermore, for tourists, a very smart route has been created called The Freedom Trail.
You can easily use it in few hours and it is recognizable because on the sidewalks there is a red line indicating the itinerary; it includes visits to the historical sites of the city, one of the first to be colonized by the European conquerors and where the wars of independence were born.

when i had arrived, i was hungry so after eating an awesome ” burrito ”, I started my journey.
From Boston, to the Tag Dog Memorial, which has deeply impressed me, up to the MIT to discover new technologies. I was in Harvard and I attended a theatrical performance in the middle of the central park while I was struggling to feed the squirrels.

Definitively in Boston you never get bored.
Famous for its basketball team, the Boston Celtics, i absolutely had to meet my old friend Lawrence D. “Larry” ,the former American basketball player, professional in NBA and Europe.

.Lawrence D. "Larry" Boston

I was about to forget !!!

Boston is the home of the Converse: from the walls made of calcified shoes to the possibility of creating your own model the most suitable model for your tastes, even a simple store offers an experience that you can not find anywhere else in the world.

Literally few words to tell you about a beautiful town that deserves to be seen and that i absolutely recommend!


See you later 🙂


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